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2001. Season Recap

2001 Randolph Oilers

Regular Season Record:   5-3-1

Playoff results:
1st round, faced RI prowlers....

Peter and Marge O'Kane

Marge O'Kane:

General Manager:
Peter O'Kane

Head Coach:
Ed Penn

Assistant Coaches:
Defensive Coordinator:  Jon Gates
Assistant Coaches:  Tom McLaughlin, Al Lockhart, Fred Turner,  Jack Mitchell,  Jay McGee

EFL All League Selections:

EFL Awards:


Leading Passer:    Anthony Comer

Leading Rushers:  Calvin Bryant (522 yards) + Anthony Comer 258 yards, 3 tds)
Leading Receiver:   Dan Grew (332 yards + 5 tds) + Chris Williams

Most Sacks:

Most Fumble Recoveries:

Most Interceptions
Leading Punt Returner:

The list below is from 1999, the definitive list from 2001 is still needed...

Board of Directors:   Ed Nye, Bob Rodd, Bill St. Lawrence, Ed vRosoff, Jay Schultz, Ed Conley, Don Levy, Ed Penn,Bill Connolly, Linda Lockhart, John Carman
Trainer:  Middlesex Rehab
Announcer and Cable: Tom Burke, Bill Roche and John Horrigan
Yearbook advertising: Clyde Ruprecht
Public Relations:  Tony Sirrico
Gameday Team:   Nellie Holmes, Matt Donohue, Russ Holmes, Mel Maloney, Mark Chobanian, Gerri  Chobanian, Lee Rosoff, Skip Fletcher, David Bruning, Ginny Nye, Lori Toomey, Jo-Ann Barry, Ethel Schultz, Lita Maffet, Linda Hall, Gerry Covey

2001 Newspaper Articles:

"Local squad provides a stage for NFL Dreams, ex-BC Player Anthony Comer now stars for Randolph Oilers"
(Boston Globe. August 5, 2001)

"2001 Randolph Oiler Preview"
(Brockton Enterprise July 2001

"Oilers defense makes an opening statement, defeat RI 13-8 in opener"
(Brockton Enterprise July 2001)

Granite stones Oilers, 19-14"
(Brockton Enterprise August 2001)

"Randolph Oilers clinch spot in EFL playoffs, defeat RI Prowlers 27-14 "
(Brockton Enterprise. August 25, 2001)

Randolph runs by Hyannis 19-6"
(Patriot Ledger. September 1, 2001)

Bragging rights on the line in EFL Matchup"
(Patriot Ledger. August 31, 2001)

"Oilers triumph, defeat Hyannis, 19-6
(Patriot Ledger. September 1, 2001)

"Oilers,Cobras set as EFL PLayoffs set to kickoff"
(Brockton Enterprise. September 27, 2001)

"Local Squad provides a stage for NFL Dreams (Anthony Comer)

(Brockton Enterprise Globe. 2001)

"Afer 8 false starts finally a grand opening for Randolph"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 2001)

"Comer leads Oilers (2-1) past Townies, 25-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 2001)

Oilers (2-1) expel Townies 25-6"
Patriot Ledger. August 2001)

Oilers (3-1) roll to win over RI, 13-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 2001

Oilers (3-1) ground out EFL win in RI, 13-6"
(unidentified article)

Granite, Oilers (3-1), rolling in EFL"
(Patriot Ledger. )

Local EFL Rivals roll toward match. Randolph (4-1) vs Quincy (5-0)"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 2001)

"Oilers (3-1) set to battle Granite
(Patriot Ledger. August 2001)

Oilers (4-2) grind out a win over RI, 27-14"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 2001)

Schedule & Roster, etc:
Click here for the 2001 annual Oiler yearbook.
Click here for the 2001 Roster (still needed)
Click here for the 2001 Schedule
Click here for the 2001 EFL Annual Program (still needed)

Team Picture:
Still needed....

Gm 1
: Oilers (1-0) defeat Charlestown 35-12 (Calvin Bryant rushed for 116 yards in his EFL debut, Tony Gaucher filled in for an injured Anthony Comer, and threw for 3 tds- 22 & 25 yarders to Dan Grew, and a 26 yarder to Gabe Boatwright. Rob Davenport had 2 INT's and blocked a PAT).

Gm 3: Oilers (2-1) defeat Charlestown 25-6.  (Comer threw a 32 yd td pass to Dan Grew, and ran for 2 long tds)
Gm 4: Oilers (3-1) lose to Quincy , 19-14 (Mike Waithe 2 td runs?? is this the right season?)
Gm 5: Oilers (4-1) defeat RI 13-6

Gm 6: Oilers (4-2) defeat RI 27-14 (Calvin Bryant rushes for a career high 135 yds, and 2 tds, Anthong Comer thre a 66 yd td pass to Chris Williams)








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