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2000. Season Recap

2000 Randolph Oilers

Regular Season Record:  


Postseason Record:
Did not qualify for the EFL playoffs, but won the Northeast Challenge Tournament.

Peter and Marge O'Kane

Marge O'Kane:

General Manager:
Peter O'Kane

Head Coach:
Ed Penn

Assistant Coaches:
Defensive Coordinator:  Jon Gates
Assistant Defensive Coordinator:  Tom McLaughlin
Defensive Line Coach:  Al Lockhart
Assistant Offensive Coaches:   Jack Mitchell  &  Terry Branch
Offensive Coordinator: Dick Sheehan
Offensive Receiving Coach:  Fred Turner
Backfield Coach:  Jay McGee
Linebacker Coach:  Ralph "Bubba" Pina

Jerome Penn, +

EFL All League Selections:
Larry Tagger, Rob Davenport, Anthony Comer, Dave Canavan, and ....

EFL Awards:
Anthony Comer- Co-EFL Offensive Player of the Year
Statistics for the 2000 season still needed.

Leading Passer:

Leading Rushers:
Leading Receiver:

Leading Tackler
Most Sacks:

Most Fumble Recoveries:

Most Interceptions
Leading Punt Returner:

Click here for the official team staff list from the team program (note: as per 1999. Need definitive 2000 list).

Board of Directors:   Ed Nye, Bob Rodd, Bill St. Lawrence, Ed vRosoff, Jay Schultz, Ed Conley, Don Levy, Ed Penn,Bill Connolly, Linda Lockhart, John Carman
Trainer:  Middlesex Rehab
Announcer and Cable: Tom Burke, Bill Roche and John Horrigan
Yearbook advertising: Clyde Ruprecht
Public Relations:  Tony Sirrico
Marketing Director: Tom McLaughlin
Gameday Team:   Nellie Holmes, Matt Donohue, Russ Holmes, Mel Maloney, Mark Chobanian, Gerri  Chobanian, Lee Rosoff, Skip Fletcher, David Bruning, Ginny Nye, Lori Toomey, Jo-Ann Barry, Ethel Schultz, Lita Maffet, Linda Hall, Gerry Covey

2000 Newspaper Articles:

"2000 Sportsman of the Year: Peter O'Kane"
(Boston Globe. December 4, 2000)

"Married to the EFL" (Marge O'Kane)
(Brockton Enterprise. August 8, 2000)

An EFL Brother Act - Ed, Jerome, & Sam Penn"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 18, 2000)


Schedule & Roster:

Click here for the 2000 Roster
Click here for the 2000 Schedule

Click here for the 2000 EFL Annual Program


 Team Picture:

Still needed.



LT, Brian Pagel, Tommy McLaughlin, and Rob Davenport.
Along with Coach Penn & Coach Gates.
(estimated date taken: 2000. If you can help confirm which season this is from, please let us know. Thanks).


From L to R:   (note exact year of picture is estimated)
Front Row: Marge O'Kane, Ginny Nye,
Second row: Lita Maffet, Joanne Barry, Ethel Schultz




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